If you’ve been following the Middletown Current project, by now you’ve probably realized that there are a lot of faces and names involved! We asked each project firm to take a second to introduce themselves – read through their bios for a chance to Meet the Team!

City of Middletown

Our role is to represent you, the people of Middletown. We identify how to best support our community so that Middletown can thrive for decades to come. We can’t wait for this long-lasting, high-impact project to get rolling!

Ulliman Schutte

Water runs in our blood! When it comes to building water, stormwater, and wastewater infrastructure, Ulliman Schutte has been there, done that. And although we are one of the country’s largest and most experienced water builders, we are headquartered just up the road in Miamisburg – we are thrilled to be serving the City of Middletown and its residents on this important project so close to home. Thank you for letting US build the “future of our current!”


As the primary project Engineer, Hazen is working closely with the City and Ulliman Schutte to help plan and design this project – our top priority is finding ways to save the City money while providing a long-lasting solution that meets EPA requirements.  Like Ulliman Schutte, we specialize in water solutions, and love coming up with creative ideas to fulfill the project’s goals for all stakeholders.

Brown and Caldwell

As the Owner’s Agent, we’ve partnered with the City of Middletown to help this important and exciting project be as awesome as possible! We’re on hand to help answer technical questions, figure out brand new solutions to sticky problems, and to be a good steward of the City’s funds.

Ford Development Corporation

The Ford Development Corporation is a local, family-owned company. For fifty years we’ve specialized in municipal public works and site utility work including water, sanitary and storm sewers, pavement construction, retaining walls, and concrete work. We take pride in improving the communities we work in, so we’re excited to team up with the City to upgrade their pipelines. 

DHDC Engineering Consulting Services, Inc

Our Ohio-based crew of licensed engineers, construction managers, and environmental experts are here to support the project through quality control testing and inspections. We’re looking forward to providing specialized feedback throughout the project’s development to ensure the Middletown Current project results in new infrastructure worth celebrating.

Sunesis Construction

We’re a civil contractor located right in your backyard. We’re working on the storm water force main. This means we’ll help direct the water that runs off the streets to where it needs to go, helping protect the City of Middletown so it continues to thrive. We take pride in completing projects on time, under budget, and in a safe work environment.