Q: When will this project start?

A: We’re aiming to begin construction in Winter 2020/2021. For updates on the construction schedule, refer to this website or check out @CityMiddletown on Twitter.

Q: How long will this project take to complete?

A: The estimated schedule for this project is about one year for completion. The construction schedule will be reviewed and updated regularly.

Q: What is the purpose of this project? What will it fix?

A: This project will improve the sewer capacity in certain parts of Middletown by separating storm water from sanitary sewage. This separation will reduce the burden placed on the sewer system from the storm water so there is lower risk of sewage overflow into the Great Miami River.

Q: How will construction on this project affect my day-to-day?

A:  Construction zones inevitably involve a bit of dust and noise. However, the project team will work during hours that limit distraction and keep the project moving forward. If you have any concerns, please share them! You can do so during a virtual public community meeting or you can email middletowncurrent@cityofmiddletown.com.

Q: Will there be any road closures during this project?

A: Yes. Road closures and construction zones exist to keep your neighborhood safe from the hustle-and-bustle of an active construction site— but that doesn’t mean you need to be late to work. Your safety and time are important. This website provides up-to-date information on closures, construction zones, and detours so you stay informed on how to get from A to B as quickly and as safely as possible.

Q: How much will this project cost the City?

A: The project represents a $12 million dollar investment in the City’s future – a great example of your tax dollars going to work for you. This money is being spent right here in Middletown, reinvesting in our local economy and creating opportunities for local businesses. These improvements to the sewer system will provide better-quality service, reduce overflow, and protect our natural resources for years to come.

Q: Why is this project called “Middletown Current”?

A: The name “Middletown Current” reflects the three priorities for the project:

  • Protecting Middletown’s Resources.
    • This project will improve the sewer systems to protect the “current” of the Miami River so it can continue to sustain the City.
  • Committing to Communication.
    • You are central to this project. We are committed to keeping you involved and up-to-speed on the most “current” developments of our work.
  • Looking to the Future.
    • This project goes hand-in-hand with the Middletown motto, “Bright past, brighter future.” This work we do in the “current” will result in clean water for Middletown for decades to come.

Q: I see this project is a part of a “long-term control plan”— what does that mean?

A:  The Long-Term Control Plan is part of the agreement the City has established with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to improve and upgrade the sewer systems throughout the City. The agreement includes a series of a projects, like this one, that respond to the consent decree requirement to reduce sewage overflows. If you’d like to learn more about our the Long-Term Control Plan, you can do so here.   

Q: What is a consent decree, and what affect does a consent decree have on this project?

A: A consent decree is an order the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issues to ensure cities meet a federally mandated environmental standard. The EPA issued the City of Middletown a consent decree along with a set timeframe to improve the water quality of the Great Miami River. Separating sewage from storm water to prevent overburdening the sewer system and overflowing the river will allow the City to meet the EPA’s requirement.

Q: Why are sewage overflows a bad thing?

A:  Overflows can result in sewage in some very unfortunate locations — local streams and rivers,  basements, and sometimes even city streets. This project exists to protect the river and all the activities that take place in or around it.